Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pseudo Clinton Administration

With the mention of Leon Panetta as the probably head of the CIA in the upcoming Obama administration, many are scratching their heads as to the wisdom of the selection of yet another Clinton retread to this most important post.

Others are commenting on Panetta's lack of direct experience in the business of espionage and his adverse comments on the previous actions of the CIA. And others are commenting on the negative remarks made by other high muckety-mucks in the Democrat party, Feinstein for one. Rockefeller for another.

I am wondering what's going on with so many of Bill Clinton's former cronies being named to the Obama administration's key positions. Is Obama so inexperienced that he can't find his own administration members without borrowing from the previous Democrat president's staff? Was a deal made with Hillary and Bill?

The most curious question in my mind is where will the loyalty of these appointees lie? With Obama? Bill? Hillary?

UPDATE: Another former Clintonista joins Obama's admin. Carol Browner (former head of the EPA) will be Obama's head of climate and energy policies.