Friday, March 28, 2008

More Hillary Bashing, (Unabashed Bashing at That!)

But who deserves it more? Possibly her husband, but he's not running for President. Just Co-President. Or First Lady's-Man. Anyway, in reference to her,  uhmm, "embellishing" the truth about her Bosnian adventure, this clip from a item today:

"Clinton spokesman Jay Carson dismisses questions about her credibility. ``She made a mistake recounting a trip she made as first lady to what was in fact a war zone,'' he said, referring to Bosnia. Voters ``don't ask for perfection, they just want to know that you are working hard for them, and no one works harder than Senator Clinton.''"

So voters don't ask for perfection. I think they do ask for truthfulness, something that Sen. Clinton and President Clinton have shown repeatedly that they do not possess or value. 

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