Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hello, World.

Hello, out there.

It is January in Ohio, 36 degrees F. I, for one, am glad for global warming. It would be a fraction of a degree colder but for global warming and at my age, to be kept secret for now, I prefer more warmth.

Haven't checked the news lately. I assume the world is still intact and pax americana, however weak at the moment, still struggles to keep what peace there is.

I did hear that Hillary Clinton is trying to show her "softer" side in Iowa this weekend. Good luck to her. I am sure she is "soft, warm, and fuzzy" to those fellow travelers who aid and abet her plans to become the first woman president. (If Bill Clinton was the first "black" president, would Hillary be the first "black woman" president. Seems just as likely. Of course Condoleeza Rice isn't really black. Nor is Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas or any other Republicans. Go figure.)

I hope to be able to keep posting regularly and with more insightful garbage. Stay tuned.



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