Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hillary Scare

Watched some of the coverage of Mrs. Clinton's campaign in Iowa this past weekend. Wonder to whom she was referring with her dealing with "bad and evil men" remarks? Judging by the quick laughter from the audience, it is easy to think they thought immediately of Bill Clinton. But of course Mrs. Clinton did not mean her conniving, lying, cheating, spotlight-seeking husband. She meant those "bad and evil men" of the vast rightwing conspiracy. (Think Ken Starr.) The audience would have realized eventually that they shouldn't have thought of Bill Clinton as "bad and evil", at least not in the presence of his ever-lovin' wife. They would then have had an "ah-ha" moment as they shifted gears into the mean-spirited-Republican-bashing mode.

We Morgansterns wonder if we will be able to stomach much of Hillary's dialog with us and other Americans, especially because we know she doesn't give a fig what we unwashed Midwesterners think. She knows her plans for herself, for us, and for the world. She's known it for decades. If elected President, she will be on her way to implementing those plans, come hell or high water.

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