Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Eagles Gather

A heart-felt "Thank You" goes out to all the people who formed the "Gathering of Eagles" yesterday in Washington, DC. to show their support for our troops and their mission in Iraq.People came from near and far to counter the anti-war crowd's own gathering the same day in DC.

Hot Air has a preview of a powerful ad produced by Move America Forward set to air nationally on Monday. Check it out.

Also see the Gathering of Eagles website for background information on the hastily but successfully planned event.

To see Cindy Sheehan at her best/worst go here.

The antiwar movement can't find anybody better than her? Her voice must turn off thousands of people and her siple rhetoric is nothing new. The poor thing is being used and when she's outlived her usefullness and finds that her fifteen minutes of fame are over, she will be even more pathetic. I almost feel sorry for her.


rtaylor551 said...

God bless Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward and those who were in DC yesterday. Many of us could not be, but attended rallies near our homes.
It's time we took our country back from the liberal left!

Sloan Morganstern said...

I agree. The left's usual suspects, who turn up at anti-war, anti-US, anti-you name it rallies, must not be among those of us who have jobs, family commitments, health situations, etc. that present impediments to dropping everything and running to the nearest protest. I join you in thanking those brave souls who did sacrifice time and money over the past weekend in support of the truly brave sould risking their lives so that we may continue our lives here in the USA.