Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hillary with a Staight Face

I assume Hillary Clinton had a straight face when declaring that the two US attorney firings were totally different situations. Well, she's right about that.

Her husband fired them all some 93 of them, a month or so after his inauguration. He or Hillary might have had Web Hubbell order Janet Reno to do so. This was an unprecedented move, in spite of Hilary's implication to the contrary. George W. Bush, or Alberto Gonzales or someone else in the administration, waited until six years had passed since the Bush inauguration to fire only eight. I understand that this was only after a year or two of deliberation over the wisdom, political or otherwise, of doing so.

There are more differences, the Whitewater scandal was being investigated, FOB's were in hot water with a couple of the attorneys, and to fire them all was to remove suspicion from firing just the ones prosecuting those cases.

I suppose Gonzales will be thrown to the wolves as was Rumsfeld. This is yet another example of the Bush White House being unwilling, or unable, to play hardball with the democrats. Perhaps Gonzales deserves criticism for handling the situation clumsily. Perhaps he deserves to be fired for not being able to stand up to the congressional bullies screaming about this non-existent scandal. But George Bush himself is no good at standing up against Congress or standing up for himself.

For Hillary to imply that Bill's firing the attorneys was "business as usual" when it hadn't even been done by Nixon is the height of hypocritical nonsense.

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