Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jolie and Pelosi

Here's a joke: What do Angelina Jolie and Nancy Pelosi have in common? They're both hypocrites. OK, I know it's not funny but it is a joke. These two beauts are gifts that just keep giving. First, Ms Jolie

I try to stay away from the celebrity crap but every now and then one of these self-important hypocrites just lays one right in front of me there and I can't help but try to hit it out of the park.

Angelina Jolie was trying to ban certain news outlets (namely Fox and affiliates) from interviewing her and lining the red carpet at the premiere of her movie "A Mighty Heart", a movie supposed to support "Reporters without Borders". I guess that excludes the borders of the red carpet, since she felt that she was entitled to prevent Fox news people (if you can call entertainment reporters "news people") from experiencing her sainted grace-filled presence.

In fact, all reporters were at first required to sign contracts stipulating what could be asked of Ms Jolie and what would happen if the reporters reneged on their promise. Enough reporters had the gumption to refuse to sign and the studio was perturbed as well . Jolie then cancelled all print interviews.

See this from fox news online

Now, for Ms Pelosi. It seems that she has forgotten her campaign pledge to clean up the House (remember? "sometimes it takes a woman to clean the house") and its members tendency to play fast and loose with gifts received and travel expenditures being reimbursed. The Hill reports that she sees no problem with a lawmakers' adult children accompanying them on junkets without having to reimburse the government. So much for her pledge.

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