Monday, June 4, 2007

Neptune Rising

It seems that yet another planet is rife with gas-guzzling SUV's that little green men are using to cruise "Big Blue". Yes, Neptune is suffering the same fate as Earth, and Mars, and who knows how many other orbiting orbs out there in the sky, with temperatures rising, rising, and threatening the health and well-being of who or whatever lives on them.

But wait, wait. If there are no little green men and little green SUV's on Neptune, what in the world, or out of the world could be causing this crisis? Theory No. 1: you and me and our anthropogenic ways. Theory No. 2: the sun.

Now, Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and a long, long, long way from Earth. We must be emitting some mighty powerful carbon dioxide to go that far and affect a planet that is about four times as large in diameter as the Earth. I'll wager that Old Sol has something to do with it. A few other people agree with me and are willing to come forward and confess it. Investor's Business Daily names a few experts who dare to swim against the tide of politically correct science. Look for them on the unemployment line in the near future. They shall be grant-less until science kicks politics out of the equation.

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