Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hey, State Climatologist. Oregon says, "Adieu."

Oregon's governor wants to fire the State Climatologist because he's skeptical that humans are the main cause of The Hot Death (Global Warming). He's been the State Climatologist since '91, but disagrees with Oregon's position and policy on global warming so, he has to go. 

This is what would have happened a few hundred years ago if a medical doctor proposed the theory that some diseases were caused my microscopic little thingies called germs. He would also have had to go because everyone then knew diseases were caused by night air, or curses, or witches, or by God as divine retribution.  

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nowadays, the left can't abide anyone who disagrees with their mantra(s) of the day.  Civil discourse and debate is not allowed.  Just get rid of the dissenters one way or the other.  

The one good thing resulting from the recent publicity about dissenting, or at least skeptical, accredited climatologists, and scientists of other stripes, is that it will give support to others hesitant  so far to jump on the bandwagon.  Maybe the cat is starting to peek out of the bag and maybe real debate can begin.

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