Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prince Charles and Al Gore Know Best

It's getting to be tough to be a celebrity activist. First Al Gore gets caught with his energy-saving pants down when the you-know-what hits the fan about his personal energy usage at Chateau Gore. Then Prince Charles declares that the Big Mac should be banned. Now we find out that his own company produces a tasty pasty of the Cornish variety that has the Big Mac beat, hands down, in the not-so-nutritious category. I wish we could see these celebrities popping back to their rightful vocations and quit popping off about things that could come back to bite them, or us.


Prince Charles may be King of England one day, but we declared independence a long time ago and
neither we nor they want the situation returned to the 1700's. So, I don't care about Prince Charles' royal displeasure with Big Mac's and I don't care about his pasties (or Camilla's pasties for that matter). He can issue all the royal decrees he wants about food and it won't affect me in the slightest.

If Al Gore's political aspirations are revived, due to all the adulation derived from his movie, his Oscar, and his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he attains the oval office, it is possible, no, likely that his decrees would have a big effect on me, my children, and the children of the world. He would make the Kyoto treaty become just the first step to the ruination of the US economy and the capitalist system itself. This of course is the true aim of the uber-greenies, forced to shift tactics with the downfall of the Soviet Union.

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