Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plum Assignment, Plum Ridulous

In the most ethical Congress in the history of mankind, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ready to name Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) to an important seat on the Homeland Security Committee. The fact that he is being investigated by the feds in a corruption probe was apparently easy for her to overlook, in spite of the fact that she saw fit last fall to remove him from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee. At the time she was trying to demonstrate her commitment to returning Congress to righteousness, after it was tarnished by Republican control.

If you remember, $90,000 was found by the FBI in Jefferson's home freezer. Talk about your frozen assets. The money was part of $100,000 delivered to Jefferson and videotaped in a sting operation. So far, two people have already pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption in the case, one a former Jefferson aide and the other a Louisville businessman, Vernon Jackson, who sought Jefferson's help in obtaining technology contracts in Africa. See more here. Although he has not been indicted, the investigation of Jefferson is ongoing.

In addition to this investigation, Jefferson took some heat due to his use of military trucks and a helicopter to check on the condition of his house in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. When this occurred, people were still stranded in and atop their homes waiting for National Guard trucks and helicopters to come to their rescue. After being in his house for an hour or more, he finally left with a laptop and other non-identified items.

Rolling Stone magazine named William Jefferson one of the top ten worst congressmen. Yes, a Democrat was named to this top ten list. Need I say that the other 9 were Republicans? From Rolling Stone? No, I needn't. But that is an indication of the near certainty of his corruption.

This is a politician from New Orleans, and like Ray Nagin, Jefferson had no problem being re-elected in November, 2006.

This is a man soon to be on the Homeland Security Committee. How secure do you feel?



sloandaughter said...

What's really distressing, to me, in cases like these, is that WHEN THE $90,000 WAS FOUND Jefferson didn't have the courage or the self-respect to hold an immediate press conference and say, "I've made a terrible mistake. I will now have to face the consequences of my actions. As part of this, it is my duty to immediately resign my seat in Congress."

And what's depressing to me is that his colleagues don't hold him accountable for his actions either. Some role models they're being for the rest of the population.

Sloan Morganstern said...

Exactly. and what's more, they further the impression among the population that politics is a dirty game played by dirty people. No wonder some people don't vote and don't get involved in politics.