Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A woman, a Black, and a Mormon...

That sounds like the beginning of a joke. "A woman, a black, and a Mormon were in a rowboat together...." or "A woman, a black, and a Mormon arrived at the pearly gates and met St. Peter....". You can finish the joke as you wish.

If the "woman" that I am thinking of succeeds in achieving her ambition, the joke will be on us. We will have fallen for one of the oldest scams in the world, the bait and switch. Maybe it's more like a shell game. She is the pea hiding under the shell. Which one? I'll bet it's the shell on the left, the far left. Oh, she's pretending to be under the one in the middle, with occasional feints to the one on the right, but I know it's the left one. What else is under the shell? Higher taxes, socialized medicine, higher taxes, more governmental control of your daily life, the return of the "Fairness" Doctrine, higher taxes, the return of Bill Clinton to active participation in government. Once those little goodies are out from the shell, there's no putting them back. Her sex may prevent her from being elected.

The"black" that I referred to is more of an unknown quantity, an unripe pea, let's say, but he hides under the left shell too. What accomopanies him in the shell is probably similar to the above mentioned items. If he loses, I expect all sorts of tirades about how underlying racism, institutional racism, rampant racism, whatever, prevented this clean and articulate young man from achieving his goal. His race may prevent him from being elected.

The Mormon is either under the middle shell or the one on the right. He keeps shifting positions. Nobody really knows what he keeps with him under the shell. Massachusetts elected him governor. Imagine that. The state that loves, JFK(erry), Teddy Kennedy, et al., elected a Republican as governor. I don't know that much about the man and so will be studying his deeds during his governorship. But the mysteries of his religion may prevent him from being elected.

I didn't mention earlier the other likely front-runner, the seasoned senator from Arizona. The "Maverick". While he stays mostly under the shell on the right, he sometimes jumps around and hides in the most unexpected places. Seems a bit unpredictable, shall we say. Maybe his age will prevent him from being elected.

Whatever happens during the next year and a half, it will be very interesting.

Did you hear the one about the.... Never mind.

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